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SEO Tips for New Bloggers: Search Engine Optimization for New Blogs and Websites

A lot of people start blogging with high hopes. When they begin blogging, some of the issues that they have to face are related to traffic and revenue generation. Despite their hard work, these new bloggers do not receive enough traffic on their blogs and websites. Since there is no good traffic, there is no revenue generation. Even after many months of blogging, when there is no traffic, no revenue, many bloggers give up on blogging.

When you begin your blogging journey, you will have to remember a couple of things.

The first thing that you need to remember is blogging is not a “Make Money Quick” scheme. Actually, blogging is something like you sow a seed today and you will see the fruits after many years.

Another thing you need to remember is you cannot make a lot of money from your blogs. Well, there are a lot of bloggers who make a lot of money, however, this is not going to happen to most of us. Those who are making money are expert on their topics and they have been doing their work since many years.

Blogging makes you passive income, however, blogging itself is not a passive work. In fact, you have to be very active on your blog. You have to be active in publishing contents, optimizing your contents and website for search engines, marketing your contents on social media etc.

Getting Started With Blogging: SEO Tips For New Bloggers

Getting traffic is the key to become a successful blogger. You can get traffic through various channels such as social media, forums, blogs etc. however, the durable traffic only comes from search engines. In order to receive search traffic, you have to do SEO on your contents and website. Search Engine Optimization starts with the domain registration. You have to use your primary keywords in your domain name. Your keywords should match your blogging niche. For example, if you want to blog on food, try to include words like food, cooking, recipe on your domain name.

While designing your blog/website, use keywords on the site title, site description, and meta tags.

Blogging with WordPress? Make Sure You Are Using These Plugins

WordPress is a popular choice for many bloggers. In fact, Wordpress is the most used Content Management System for all kinds of websites. In order to design a website, you need programming skills, however, the beauty of wordpress is you can easily customize your site with plugins and widgets.

If you are blogging with WordPress, you can find a lot of SEO plugins, some of the popular choices are Yoast and All in One SEO. You can use any of these plugins to do SEO on your website/blog.

Another SEO plugin that I find very useful is called All Meta Tags. This is a free plugin that you can use to add meta tags on your wordpress site. This plugin allows you to add meta tags for Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster, Yandex Webmaster, or Alexa. By using this plugin, you can also verify your site for social sites like Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also add keywords and description for your site. You can add meta tags for various site verification.

Jetpack, a plugin from the developer of WordPress, is another important plugin that you should be using on your wordpress blog. Jetpack is a multipurpose plugin, you can track your traffic among many things. Jetpack also allows you to use WordAds, the monetization program for WordPress websites.

Your wordpress site also needs a security plugin. One security plugin that I find very useful is called Wordfence Security. Wordfence is an Anti-virus, Firewall and Malware combined in one. This plugin allows you to track your traffic and and keep track of unauthorised activities on your site.

Search Engine Ranking for a New Website

Search Engine Ranking is very important when it comes to getting traffic. If your site is not ranking or ranking badly, you will not receive search traffic. Site ranking is one of the main problems faced by new bloggers.  If your site is not rank well in the search engines, you will not receive organic traffic. You can, of course, drive referral or direct traffic on your site, however, organic traffic is more valuable in terms of revenue generation.

If you are using highly competitive primary keywords, it might be very difficult to rank high. Therefore, you should be focusing on secondary keywords as well. For example, if you are using iPhone as your primary keywords, you have to focus on your secondary keywords like android phone, windows phone etc.

Backlinks play a major role in site ranking. However, most of the bloggers commit a grave mistake by building backlinks only for the home page only and not building backlinks for the internal pages. Therefore, you should be building backlinks for your home page as well as internal pages.

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