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If you are a freelancer working online, you need a website to showcase your portfolio. Having a website will allow you to share your bio, work experience, and contact address. This will not only build your brand as a freelancer but also increase your online visibility and help you get more contracts. If you are working on freelancer sites sharing your link to your website showcasing your portfolio will also increase the chances of getting more jobs as your portfolio will establish your credibility as a freelancer.

However, building your own freelancer portfolio website may not be a viable option for some freelancers. For instance, you have to buy a domain and hosting, hire a website designer if you do not know web designing, hire an SEO expert to rank your website if you do not know SEO techniques, spend money on digital marketing etc. In that case, using third party websites to showcase your freelancer portfolio is a viable solution.

Here are some of the websites where you can showcase your portfolio for free. The best thing about these websites is they are ranked highly on search engines, thus, you do not have to work on SEO or digital marketing.


LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. LinkedIn can be used by job seekers to get jobs, employer to find workers, freelancer to network with clients. You can create four different kind of accounts on LinkedIn, Viz. Free, Business, Business Plus, and Executive.

LinkedIn Premium account is for recruiters, job seekers, and sales and marketing professionals.

If you upgrade to LinkedIn Premium you can see who viewed your profile, you can take various courses from LinkedIn Learning and sharpen your skills, access to InMail that you can use to apply on jobs or contact hiring managers.

Even though LinkedIn Premium has a lot of benefits, you can still use the free account and showcase your portfolio. Since LinkedIn is an authority site, you have a high chance of ranking on search engines.


About.Me is a high authority site to showcase your freelancer portfolio. By signing up on About.Me you will be able to build one-page website easily. You can showcase your portfolio on About.Me. About.Me is a high authority site, your about me page will be ranked high on search engines. This will not only help you get online visibility but also help you get more freelancer contracts. You can also use About.Me to share your links to various social networking sites, freelancer sites, or even your blogs and websites.

About.Me has two versions, the free version and the premium version. If you are using the free version, your site will be something like However, if you use premium version you can use custom domain. The premium service is $8 per month ($79 per year).  The premium version will allow you to have website with a custom domain. However, you can still use the free version and benefit from


BlogSpot is a free blogging platform from Google. Apart from blogging, you can also use BlogSpot to showcase your freelancer portfolio. The ideal way to use BlogSpot is by mapping a custom domain with BlogSpot. This will eliminate the expenses for hosting while you get a website without the blogspot subdomain.

Free Blogging Platforms and Website Builders

You can also use free blogging platforms and website builders such as wordpress, weebly, wix, simple site etc. However, the problem with these platforms is it will be difficult to rank on search engines.

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