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How to Market Your Products and Services: Low-Cost Business Promotion Ideas

Business promotion and business marketing cost a lot of money. If you are a new entrepreneur or own a small business, you may be on limited budget or have no budget for marketing and promoting your products and services.

If you are on a tight budget and cannot bear the cost of a marketing campaign over a period of time, here are some low-cost business promotion and business marketing ideas. All of these business promotion and business marketing ideas may not be appropriate for the kind of business, however, some of these may come handy.


People are always looking for things they can use. What if they receive useful things for free? Yes, they will grab it. When we say giving for free, we don’t mean give your main product for free. You have a furniture store, you can give them “Home decorating booklet,” which also lists your products. You sell cars, you can give key rings with your logo and company information embossed on it.

News Creation

Mass media has a great impact on the society. TV, radio and newspaper charge a lot of money for advertorials, however, they will publish/broadcast news for free.   However, TV or newspaper advertising cost a fortune. If you don’t have news, create news. You are launching your business or introducing a new product line, invite local journalist. Treat them well with refreshments; give them your product (if it is a low cost product). They might publish your news, or review your product. You can create news when you launch a free advice center, sponsor a community, help needy people. Local media will always be interested on such events.


Events are always crowd puller. You sell cars, one day you invite a celebrity to test drive a new car. Presence of a celebrity will always be followed by media and the common people. After the test drive, the celebrity may even say, “This is really good car.”

You have a school supply business. One day you go to a community school and distribute free pencils to the children from poor families.

Lo and behold! Your business is all over the media.

You can even create events during the holidays. How about a dinner for the old people in old aged homes in Christmas?


Target a certain segment of the society (possibly your customers) and launch a charity program. Your charity program could be something like “we will donate 5 percent of the sales made from January 1st to January 7th to develop a children park in Fleet Street.”

People living in and around Fleet Street are likely to buy your products. Those who are interested in the cause like this will also be interested in your product.

The list of low cost business promotion ideas does not end here. We will come up with more interesting low cost business marketing ideas in the next installment.

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